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music to Spotify

Share your sound on the largest music platform in the world and keep 100% of your royalties and rights.

Why release music to Spotify?

By releasing your music to Spotify, you’ll share your tracks with over 345 million listeners in 178 markets worldwide. OWNIT supports you with your release on Spotify to play your music where it matters most.


Spotify is the world’s leading music streaming platform and established itself through its playlists as the best way to explore new music.

With these immensely popular playlists, they give independent artists more room to be heard than on commercial radio playlists while also giving you valuable insights into streaming behavior.

By releasing your music with OWNIT, you’ll get a free Spotify Pre-Save SmartLink to share your new release with fans and we can feature you on our official Spotify playlists to play your songs for thousands of followers.

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