We help you to get organized, plan your projects and prepare your newest release so you can focus on the music.

A&R Advice and support

The OWNIT team can be your creative sparring partner in your music-making process while also supporting you on the business side of things. From fine-tuning your album to releasing it into the world with a bang.

Creative advice and support

You’ve worked long and hard on the audio, but it needs some killer visuals as well. OWNIT can help you create the artwork and music videos that your tracks need to bring your vision to life. We have an extensive database of trusted creatives to help you reach your goals.

Mixing and mastering

With our extensive networks of audio professionals, we can always find you your perfect partner to perfect your music. Through mixing and mastering, your sound will reach its full potential to get you more plays, placement and performance.


As a musician or producer, finishing your music is only half of the process. To push your music for release, there are a lot of deals to be made – from earning royalties to paying fees.
Signed artist have their labels to do these deals for them. But for independent artists, it’s something you have to arrange yourself. OWNIT can help you close the deal.

Youtube monetization

Releasing your music on YouTube doesn’t only open it up to a large global audience, it can also be a good source of income. But before you can, you need to apply and be accepted to the YouTube Partner Program. Or you might qualify to receive Shorts bonuses as part of the YouTube Shorts Fund. OWNIT helps you make the most out of your music on YouTube.


As your music starts to become more than just a hobby, it’s important to take the proper legal precautions early on to protect you and your music from harm misuse, infringement, financial disputes, and a whole lot of other issues. At OWNIT, we understand if this is not the stuff you want to spend your time on. That’s why we have our trusted experts to help you with the legal part of your music distribution.


Writing and releasing your music doesn’t automatically mean you’re getting paid – or at least not the amount that it should be. You have to claim publishing royalties for every time your music is played on platforms, during performances, or on broadcasts of any kind. OWNIT helps you to get the royalty rates you deserve.

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