Get your
music on Instagram

Let your song be the soundtrack of creative content by releasing it on the world’s most popular social media platform while keeping 100% of royalties and rights.

Why release music to Instagram?

With over 1 billion users worldwide, Instagram has the potential to share your music with a massive audience. When you let OWNIT distribute your music to this platform, those users can search and use your songs for their stories or reels.

Imagine your music being featured in an Instagram story by a user with a hundred, a thousand, or even a million followers reached. It unlocks new listeners with just the click of a button.


Just say the word and we’ll upload your music to Instagram for everyone to use in their stories or reels on the platform. Your tunes will be featured amongst many big artists in the Instagram Music library.

The selected song will be the soundtrack of creative content and exposed to anyone who watches it.

Instagram is owned and operated by Facebook. This gives you the added bonus of having your music monetized and copyright protected on the Facebook platform too.

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